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Here’s the thing 

May 23, 2017

Charcoal on paper, 2017, all rights reserved. 


October 5, 2015


Here’s the thing–
we must sing
the body electric
and we must trick ourselves
into singing
the body unplugged,

for the mind must be tugged
from reflection (that des-pond
of antsy)
to connection–a circuitry that finds answer
simply in flow–
it tows longing
into a much-loved song
whose minor key records
our humanity, a harmony–if we can but find
its parts–
that need not be studied
to be learned by heart–

But how hard it is to hear the song
of the long view–
the electric without
the body,
the connection without


Another drafty poem that I may link to the open platform on With Real Toads.  Photo taken and edited by me–all rights reserved.