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(Sort of) Sounding in Fall

October 8, 2015

(Sort of) Sounding In Fall

Often I write for sound–
rhymes abound, meter measured-
but what I write of now
is the meaning of your limbs
limning mine,
the way time hovers
over old lovers as asters float
over autumn’s greens like moths
miming spring, periwinkling flashes
of leaf light, a fall-out
of sky’s laugh,

the way your lashed eyes too
blue the darkness,
the muted indigo
of inner ulna nesting
my sojourn on your

rest is what it sounds like
and what it means–
rest, and what we wrest
from it–that floating press of blue
that outbids dawn, then moves, late,
to the west, sometimes under
the lids
of my eyes also —


Drafty poem, linking belatedly to Real Toads Tuesday open platform. The photo is mine, has asters in the foreground!