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The Debt Ceiling That Can’t Be Raised

October 18, 2013


The Debt Ceiling That Can’t Be Raised

I’m not so worried
about the national debt
as the global debt, yet
untallied==  No ticking sign
in Times Square clocks
species docked, soil debased,
seas acidified, landscapes wasted,
or all that roiling plastic
that already bastes us–
little interest’s been paid, but
we’ll be in the hot seat
soon enough, ash-due.


Here’s a rather gloomy poem for the G-Man – 55 words (sans title or hope) .  Though I am extremely glad that some of the silliness in Washington has come to an end for now, I worry that with all these self=inflicted crises, no one can focus on true problems, which, to my mind, are not limited to issues of economic growth.

The above is a detail of a chandelier of recycled plastic bottles made by Katherine Harvey that was hung in the World Financial Center last year. Although I think plastic is dreadful stuff— it breaks down and gets absorbed into the bloodstreams and guts of all kinds of creatures–Harvey’s sculpture was stunning.  More pics can be seen here.