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Freedom From

April 7, 2014






Freedom From

I gaze at the Buddhas
gazing down
and want so very much to have
what they have
in their hands
in their laps
in the moment–
freedom from

Yes, it’s a bit trite! But I saw a wonderful show of South East Asian art this evening at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. (The pictures are from there.) AND I have an anti-gun poem that my husband doesn’t really want me to post, this, the somethingth day in April, National Poetry Month. So, instead, I am posting this one and linking it to Open Link Night on With Real Toads.

And, finally, there’s is a really sweet — from the interviewer’s side– interview with me on the wonderful online poetry site, Poets’ United–by Sherry Marr–of Sherry Blue Sky. If you are interested, check it out!