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And I thought speech was supposed to be free–

April 14, 2014


And I thought speech was supposed to be free–

The old bromide
“put your money where
your mouth is,” implied, truly,
that money didn’t have
a mouth.

But now, money’s speech and,
if corporations are people, my friend,
they cannot be expected to utter sibilants
with lips rather than wires.

The problem is–
one problem is–
when money talks,
it rarely speaks
in two-cent increments.
its vowels aren’t open
and the only latin that it knows
besides E Pluribus Unum (Citizens United)
is quid pro quo.
(Even if the Court
refuses to say so.)

Take, for instance, how money has been put
where our mouths are,
passing laws outlawing
the sight of meat meeting
its end (money’s ends),
the odds and ends
of mistreatment — let’s
not let venality
go viral–

But blood will out
no matter how they damn
the spot,
for we are not
dumb animals.



Here’s a poem for the 14th (?) day of April  (I am tired!)  I will probably link to Open Link NIght on With Real Toads

Process Notes, especially for non-U.S. persons–our Supreme Court has had a couple of decisions overturning campaign finance laws based upon the idea that money is speech and that First Amendment (free speech) rights prohibit the limitation of campaign contributions.  They have denied the idea that large campaign contributions give even the appearance of  undue influence unless there is a direct favor purchased, i.e.  quid pro quo.  

P.S.  The cows above have, I think, a pretty decent unfactory-farmed life, but I happened to have taken their pictures, so am using them here.