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Something Coming (Late October or Anytime)

October 23, 2015


Something Coming (Late October or Anytime)

As the trees turn skeletal
the wind does call:

cover your limbs
with shear from bawl,

with the silken squeeze
of cocooned offal,

with hollow-cored fur
torn from its soul,

with leather stitched
by sharpest awl.

Wrap these too
around your skull

and still, I will snake through
your all,

find your flesh,
and, like leaf fall–

wither what I cannot

crack and chap
the bits I shawl.

The only way
you can forestall

my bite and blow,
my mar and pall,

is to squint right into
my bright maw,

is to smile into
my low and tall

is to let me too
be part of you.

For I can only just pass through
what gives me

Drafty poem linked very belatedly to Real Toads Tuesday Open Platform (meaning written mainly just for myself.) Influenced by my friend Hedgewitch’s great fall rhymes in Song of the Willow Wisp.  Photo is mine–all rights reserved.