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Complex Martyr

October 11, 2015


Complex Martyr

The slit was a tight fit,
still, seeking sainthood,
she served her heart on a silver salver.

Verisimilitude concluded with the platter–
for unlike Lucy (or Agatha, for that matter)
who had eyes (areolae) to spare–where
did the beat go
, her chest moaned
now that it had, in the wound, a mouth to intone–
even so, her belief in the blessing, like the bleeding,
would not stop.


Drafty poem for With Real Toads, micro poetry prompt by the wonderful Kerry O’Connor.  I have been very slow returning visits but will get there.  The painting of St. Agatha above (whose breasts were amputated in a christian martyrdom) is by Lorenzo Lippi.  Process Note – St. Lucy and St. Agatha are both Christian (medieval) saints who lost their eyes/breasts as punishment for being believers (though performed some miracle of not dying from their initial punishments.)  They are often depicted in renaissance paintings, Lucy with her eyes on a platter, Agatha, as above.