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Yoga Done Right

October 21, 2009

Yesterday, I explained how to rush through the whole Ashtanga primary yoga series in just a couple of short pants (as in breaths, not trousers.)

Below is an illustration of Ashtanga yoga done right, with steadiness, cheefulness, balance, and most importantly, an elephant.  (Also practicing are a little white dog and a yogini mouse.)

The pose depicted is trichonasana (triangle pose).  The animals are really quite good at it, particularly considering all the extra legs.

Elephant - Dog - Mouse Trichonasana

Elephant - Dog - Mouse Trichonasana

(All rights reserved.  Karin Gustafson)

Unfortunately, the elephant-dog-mouse yoga book, from which this picture is taken, is not yet finished.  But, if you like the style, check out 1 Mississippi, by Karin Gustafson at the link above.