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Eve Sailing

June 28, 2016


Eve Sailing

She thought sail boats
would be different,
but she got sick
as a slumped dog
while he wailed histrionically, belly whaled
over the deck, though his legs, their hair thick
as baleen, manned the stairs
to down below–

There had to be a bus home, she thought,
when they anchored at Santa
Catalina and he ordered dindin, candlelit,
or, given that it was his home they were supposed
to return to,
a bus headed anywhere.

Yet the stars shone
when they boarded again
as beautifully as ever they do,
and the waves crocheted their light into lace
as is their way,

and he laughed and sang, a little drunk and the boat turning out
to have a motor,

while she, still feeling sickish, endowed
the hydrochloric scent that she remembered emanating
from the back of a Greyhound with some previously-unnoted romance,
as its headlights, in her mind’s eye,
swabbed the dark ahead;

in other words, all things were fully themselves
in that
night ocean.



This is a sort of poem for Real Toads open platform originally inspired by Gillena Cox’s prompt re sailing. The photos are mine from the Ruffino Tamayo Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art in Oaxaca, Mexico.