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Just Getting By (With Pics)

January 13, 2014

I generally try not to write too much about my work life in this blog.  But desperate circumstances call for desperate measures, so today is an exception.

Okay, I am not truly desperate.  What I AM is at a law conference in Orlando, Florida, studying up about law. (I am a practicing attorney for those who do not know.)  The law part is interesting, except that the lectures go on for seven hours each day, and they are held in a huge very self-contained hotel in Orlando, Florida where they charge substantial amounts for internet in the rooms.

It is what many would consider a very nice hotel, and honestly, on one level, I am terrifically grateful that I can be here.   But on another level, I also feel very–out of place.

I will not give the example regarding the lecture mentioning a famous painter whose estate generated a famous law suit.  (I felt out of place there because I seemed to be one of the very few people who actually just love that painter’s paintings, regardless of monetary value or law suit.)

But here’s something–at the opening reception, everything they served was either meaty or a dessert!  Okay, I sound whiny.  Just because I don’t eat meat or (very often) dessert–  It all looked pretty good.  From afar.  Not touching anything.   Kind of hungry.  All by myself.

I am just not a blender-inner, not a networker, not a hale-fellow-well-metter.  What I tend to do in these conference situations is stand in a back corner and draw in a little notebook all the time listening intently.  (I really do listen.)  (I promise, say I, to any clients out there.)

As a result, I am posting today’s output because it really is rather lonely here (in the lobby), (listening to other people congregate), (and still, at 9:42, not certain what to do about dinner.)

Encouragement is encouraged.

P.S – a few of these drawings are for a specific book project–the one with the little girl and her mom and little girl and dog, though these are very preliminary sketches. (If your browser does not show whole pic and you want to see it, please just click on it.)