More Pix – New York Being New York-Crane Still Dangling on 57th Street








Above pictures are from my walk/busride home from work quite late last night.  The tall building has a large crane which came loose in the storm and has been dangling over 57th Street, still night secured.  The buses had started and were free, but crowded.  The City seems very bright this morning though and limited subway service is starting.  Still no power downtown. I’ve not been home and am running out of clothes!  A minor irritation, but an irritation!

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15 Comments on “More Pix – New York Being New York-Crane Still Dangling on 57th Street”

  1. brian miller Says:

    ha i love riding the subway, lots of people to see…and that lamp is sooo cool!

  2. David King Says:

    Give a foreigner like my self a really vivid impression of a fab’ city.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I was too tired to write text last night as I had worked late. It is a fabulous city. The building pictures were trying to show a tall building on 57th street that has a huge crane dangling off the side. You cannot see the crane really in the pics – it’s dangling off from the top, loosened by the storm. They have not yet been able to secure it or pull it up so there are several blocks cordoned off, including Carnegie Hall (unfortunately since it’s in the height of its season.)

  3. thats scary! hope things will get better soon!

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    I love that second from the last pic. So New York. The footage I’ve watched makes it look very frustrating as far as commuting, trying to get around normally, etc. That crane is hanging like the sword of Damocles, isn;t it? Very disruptive, I’m sure. Last night on msnbc they had an eerie shot where they panned across the familiar, brightly lit NY skyline till they hit the demarcation of the power outage–honestly, it looked post-apocalyptic. Something just off and wrong to see that iconic area darkened. Good luck on finding something to wear–Rachel Maddow did her show in jeans last night because she said she was ‘living out of a suitcase.’

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes, I did not take jeans with me unfortunately but these weird patagonia pants that you can wash in a bathtub (if ever). They are great but a bit odd looking for my office. They are kind of knickerlike/clamdigger – I feel a bit like TinTin in them, but could be worse.

  5. ds Says:

    You just can’t keep New York down. Gotta love that lamp lady too. Thanks for sharing. Hang in there! (but not, please, like that crane…)

  6. Margaret Says:

    Ah, the spirit of NY. I’m sure two of my children will end up there. Ingenious of you, really, to grab something that can be easily washed.

    …and I’m so in LOVE with that lamp!!! I wonder how much it is?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Isn’t it beautiful? I just happened to be walking by on Central Park South near the crane and trying to avoid the gridlock! There are so many beautiful windows (as always) and just thought I should at least get one. That is in a cooking shop, I think. The book she is holding is titled Easy as Pie.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      PS – though I think NY a hard place for young people nowadays. When I first came here, you could get very cheap (very crummy) apartments. Now the apartments are crummy enough but not very cheap! k.

  7. i am exhausted from taking the train today…when will the madness end!! The lamp is amazing also!

  8. I love NY ~ great reflection of it here 🙂

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