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“Degrees of Separation” Friday Flash 55

January 25, 2013


Degrees of Separation

was her faithful
No Thisbe leaned more eagerly
into lover’s chink in wall than she
towards her
thermometer; its mercurial missives delivering
(‘twixt barred glass,relentless jamb) the warning of
chill, waxing of warmth, satisfaction
of indoors. She relayed
its caresses over her arms
bare or sleeved, as Weather, window-whispering,
would have them.


Pyramus and Thisbe is a tragic story told by Ovid and then (hilariously) Shakespeare (in A Midsummer Night’s Dream) about two lovers who were forbidden by their parents to meet, but who communicated through a chink in a wall. My Thisbe has no clear Pyramus, just Brrr… For more on Brrr…., check out the G=Man, Mr. Knowitall. He’ll give you a clear rundown.

And have a great weekend.