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A Novel(ing) Day – the wonders (?!?) of computers and drafts

January 23, 2012

Yesterday was a day of working extremely hard to meet a noveling deadline.  (A contest.)

It is very difficult to meet a noveling deadline in a single day.

In my case, the attempt was made because I happen to have a few old manuscripts squirreled away.   They include very rough drafts as well fairly polished drafts–a couple are of novels that I once took very seriously, but for some reason or another–i.e. rejection letters–set aside.

Unfortunately, even the once-polished novels have gotten fairly rough over time, as after enough rejections, I would inevitably begin re-writing them and would not always get to a new re-polishing.

I’ve known about the deadline for a while, but could not decide which manuscript I could bear to focus on until 6 a.m. yesterday.  (Revisiting an old manuscript can be a bit like meeting up with an X–quite painful until you settle down and just have sex.)  (Note to husband–this is a joke.)

One of the wonders of a computer is that you can save a zillion drafts, some of which improve your work, some of which may just be little experiments, fits of pique.

Oops!  Did I call this a wonder of the computer?

How about I wonder how this draft is different from that one?  I wonder what happened to that draft in which I did such and such.  Most of all, I wonder why I never stuck to a system for all this stuff. 

Still, I finally got down to brass tacks, and managed, through the course of many hours, to totally fry my eyes. And, yet, not finish the revisions.  (I’m less than half way through.)

I console myself with the fact that I would not likely win the contest anyway.  And then I think, maybe the last half is, you know, fine as is.  (Ha!)

(P.S. – in the meantime, please please please check out my last book, fully polished:  NOSE DIVE, a very silly escapist novel available on Kindle for just 99 cents, and in paperback for only ten times more. It really is quite fun, and now has a very kind review from Victoria C. Slotto.)