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Night Song

December 23, 2015

 Night Song

As I lie, not sleeping,
I find I seek safe-keeping,
handholds in repeating
chipped bits of near-lost prayer.

Our fathering the wake
of mind that won’t forsake
this day’s dark night’s churned lake
for some deeper float in air.

For hours, arts in heaven
plead trespasses forgiven,
against us nothing leaven–
eyelids’ hollowed fare–

all that comes–the kingdom,
phrased arms that, slanted, ring round
this embodied foreground
of me, still lying there

not sleeping,
re-membering safe-keeping,
my father, earth once leaping==
so far now, and so fair–


Draft poem for no prompt, but will link to Real Toads Open Platform.

Home at last after nearly two weeks away and feeling a bit more seasonal!  (Though this one and the non-sleep night before arrival here!)  Thanks for all!

ps – the pic is mine–of a Christmas window at New York City Saks Fifth Avenue.