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April 17, 2014



The eyelashes bat like the reel
as the hat signs civility by raised
the brows, roused high in fear or wonder,
lower when facing forbidden plunder.

Hands rub fingers dastardly;
lift pinkie up when masterly;
cup thread-bare arms in blow-coat cold;
cuddle shoulders when showing “shy but bold;”
wizen when hope can’t be cajoled,
a roughed carnation in their fold–

And so, heart strings are tugged and pulled
by hands, by brows, by outlined eyes
that flicker beaded joys and sighs,
surprise us with damp lashes’ bat
as we rise and fall by the little hat.

Another draft and slightly dopey poem but this one is for the 17th day of national poetry month and I take refuge in that. I am linking it to the real toads prompt by the wonderful Kerry O’Connor to write of silent movies.