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Battlefield (After)

May 8, 2015

Battlefield (After)

They lay, blooded clay,
late in the fragmented day,
their cracked bit of dawn withdrawn
from ongoing time; what had been housed in them gnawed
by lead.
What was left swelled,
as darkness fell,
rounding to cratered planet, bellied moon,
as if some elemental piece of them
thought it might pass for a body
that could, insistent, return whole,
given time,
though its revolution would not take it
to this same spot
but to some soft hill
where grass lay still
beneath their feet, and
stars stared brightly down,
night’s pupils.

For Grapeling’s (“It Could Be That’s) “Get Listed” prompt on with real toads, the words from Pablo Neruda poems.  (Thanks to Grapeling, who is just a wonderful poet and blog friend.)

The pic was taken by me at the Plains Indians exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in New York tonight.  I don’t particularly mean the poem to be about a battle involving Native Americans–honestly, I was thinking more of WWI or the Spanish Civil War or other battlefields, but the picture was on my phone.  However, it is an incredibly beautiful exhibit; the painting above about the death of Sitting Bull.