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One Teenage Girl

April 20, 2016

Christina's pictures 204One Teenage Girl

She wished some nights
she’d just die.
She’d see them all
at her wake
where she would lie
(dead but awake)
and through closed eyes
follow their remorse–
that sorrow surely forced
by their prior

Her grin within the crimped
pink satin
would be mistaken
for a slip
of the lipstick (thankfully, the dead
do not guffaw).

Sometimes, the vision seemed so real,
she could make out the granules
of her make-up–blusher clinging
to her cheeks like fuzz
on a peach,
her friends’s hands
over their mouths in the pow
of disbelief, the glint
of their shined nails.

Oh, then,
they’d be sorry.


Some numbered April poem for Magaly Guerrero’s prompt on Real Toads about a wish gone wrong.  I’m not sure if this one really did GO wrong–seems a bit wrong from the start.  The pic is a terrible photo of a really interesting piece (part of a series) by my daughter, Christina Martin.