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Apt Graffito

February 21, 2013


Apt Graffito

“I need a bath” stencils
the grubby; letters smearing
clear soft loops  in the caught crud of shield
or siding–

My sides ache suddenly
for the smart-fingers of that same wag–
someone who might snag
my spattered anatomy, signing the obvious
but somehow overlooked–
“I need a hug”  crude, but most likely
to be sharpied–
“I need approbation,” taking too much space
on face or forearm.


Draftish poem for dVerse Poets Prompt “Meeting the Bar” hosted by Anna Montgomery.  Anna urges us to get some writing energy from graffiti!  I have been moving and have had a long couple of days.  I started the whole process early, for those interested, so have plenty of time left to complete it, but I  transferred the bulk of belongings, including a piano (across ice)!  I have done a great deal of delegation to very helpful people including my husband and daughter ( thank God!!!!!) – but still feel rather drained.  Thanks for all of your kind wishes and sympathy.