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And There We Wept ( 1)

April 1, 2016

And There We Wept

And the river carried us away
de aptivity
required from old
oh can we sing King Alfa’s song
in a straight land–

And so we sang it–King Alfa’s song–
for a solid six months
in the strait of bottom bunk tented
by purple poncho
postulating on such points
as the sweetness of each’s feet
and the sweet feat of being together
first real love–

until finally putting the album
in its jacket at the end of the term
we read that the weepers were carried
from captivity (it being the river
of Babylon) and the next
year laughed about it in the dining hall till
a rather sober-faced girl
said that she had grown to despise that record
because someone in her dorm had played it
so non-stop,
and we lowered our eyes to the feet
we still held sweet,
with lines on our faces that we believed only the other
could interpret

though, honestly, it was kind of terrible to learn the new words
to that song, meaning the words,
as I never could figure out
whether I should sing those or the ones that truly
resonated, feeling a bit like a batter who
suddenly becoming ambidextrous
can no longer find
a good swing,

and feeling a little too
like the later
when you wrote
that we would always
be friends–

how to feel still me
when all the vowels
garbled, and what was consonant
turned lone,
and my feet which actually had
seemed beautiful
in the purple light of your palms and
that big poncho, seemed to become
almost transparent
though they were strong, tensile feet,
already exhibiting those knobs, callouses, cracks,
that are part, you know, of carrying someone–

Draft poem for Day 1 of April National Poetry Month, inspired both by Izy Gruye’s prompt on Real Toads about misunderstood song lyrics–in this case, Jimmy Cliff’s By the River of Babylon, and also Marian’s Fool prompt. 

Sorry for the length.  I’m not feeling terribly well at the moment, so hoping to use this National Poetry Month to just refocus and recharge!  (Meaning I’m just going to do what I can and hope for the best!) 

I have edited since first posting.