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Flicked Off

March 8, 2014

“Doug’s Watch” by Vandy Massey

Flicked Off

He collected pocket watches and was a real bastard.

His wife–a widow before they married–always sighed- oh he just likes to have things his own way–until she woke to a too-loud tinkle of glass.

Turned out to be a woman in khaki, boxing up her medicine cabinet for the moving van.  (From Mayflower she was; name of Nina.)

The wife, discovering then he’d left her, sat, shocked, back on the bed.

I would like to say he’d snored but she never really recovered.

She was a proud woman, vanity part of her make-up.

Only it was a made-up vanity–sure, she moued in mirrors–dimples deep as a wink–pivoted with hand on hip when she tried on clothes, liked shoes–but the truth was she just couldn’t feel herself without feeling pretty; and she could not feel pretty unless a man thought so; and though she’d smile, laughing, at just about any stubbled nod–it had to be a man of worth to give her worth, for she’d been poor, young, her first husband sick for years, and nothing makes a warm soft glow like gold.

He gave no reason for leaving, though he’d never given much.  Not even one of the many many pocket watches.

Then she, amazingly quickly and well before her time, just wound down.

So sad–she, a kind person, despite the posing, never speaking ill of anyone, and with the cutest smile.


I don’t know exactly what flash fiction is but here’s an attempt for Grace’s prompt on With Real Toads to write something (a poem or flash fiction less than 250 words) responding to the wonderful watercolors of Vandy Massey.  More of Vandy’s wonderful work can be seen at With Real Toads and on Vandy’s website.  Sales of her work support a military charity called Care for Casualties.     

My apologies to Doug–whose watch this is a painting of, according to Vandy’s title.