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In a very nice place right now, but not with mental space for April poems so am going back to posting drawings.  Will probably do them as separate posts rather than combined. Hope all are well.  K. 
Ps above pencil on paper, all rights reserved.  

Chemical Attack, Syria, April 2017

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Chemical Attack, Syria, April 2017

Walls left
in place and cores of joist
but seeping through the doors
of perception a fog of more than war, that takes
all space, all time–no place can escape
one’s skin, no line stand long
between lungs, breath; no barricade bar
this death.


For April and Real Toads prompt by Bjorn Rudberg on space time.  Heartbreaking what is happening. 

Drawing mine, based on Goya.


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They didn’t want her to find
any treasure.

When her eyes went out, she went
learning with hands’ crawl the touch
of ore.

But when her hands were taken,
such methods worked no more,
her mouth could not walk, her tongue despaired of carrying
even the smallest gems.

In the sway of that dismemberment,
something gave way
to wings, the black beads of
blinkless eyes,
and though, this was wondrous
in itself, it took her some time not to miss the stones
she’d so long pocketed,
song still foreign to her,
words no longer familiar.


Poem of sorts for April, 2017, open link prompt on Real Toads, hosted by Marian,

Pic is mine, pencil on paper, all rights reserved for poem/pic, as always.

Fall (2016)

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Fall (2016)

There were
no apples.
Last year, the flies were boozy
with the glut;
but in this season, the flies made do
with dust, woozing only
about silled windowpanes.

Mounding the apples
was more fun,
though we should not have picked
so many–when they oozed, we tossed
some back, as if  in recompense, as if to defend
the orchard against all dearth,
as if apples could help
with such things.


Poem for Magali’s prompt on Real Toads to write of fruit stillborn (or other things) in the face of climate change.  For April.  (Not sure if I’m doing a poem a day, but will see.)  Pic is not exactly apple pic, but a recent one of mine–all rights reserved.

I’m sorry to be late reciprocating visits; will get there!

More faces in trees, pencil

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More faces in trees, pencil on paper in restaurant, April 2017, all rights reserved, Karin Gustafson. 

Trappist-1 (I Won’t Even Look Across the River)

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Trappist-1 (I Won’t Even Look Across the River)

No ship will be big enough
to take us all.

As for me, if I’m in the vicinity
of Washington, D.C.
I’ll lie face down
upon the ground at Arlington,
among blades worn
by those whose wars
are done,

just listening
to that grass grow.



55 for Kerry O’Connor’s prompt on Real Toads.

Process Note – Trappist-1 is a new planetary system recently discovered by NASA astronomers, with planets that may be inhabitable by humans.  (Rendering above, such as it is, is mine.)

Arlington is the U.S. national military cemetery, located just across the Potomac from the national mall in Washington, D.C., a place where U.S. veterans and spouses have been buried since the Civil War.

Where are we going? (charcoal)

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“Where are we going?”, charcoal on paper, March 2017, all rights reserved.  Posted for Brendan’s prompt on real toads about fools.