Another work week.  These are definitely connected to a sense of dread and isolation these days!  (Especially if, like me, you are working remotely. Remote work is a wonder, but when you are stuck in the dread of Monday, you realize that even a commute, much less the camaraderie or a workplace, can sometimes jog your cog-self into a more convivial slot.)

The shortening, cooling, daylight adds to the sense that time is way too short, yet also hanging heavy. It’s an odd combination of time pressure and time endlessness. Worry over the current election cycle, Russian brutality in the Ukraine, and so much else in the world doesn’t help, of course–nor endless Trump.)

What does help: for me, anyway–thinking of the delight that children bring to many many moments, both for themselves and others. Getting outside. Music. Art of all kinds–both enjoying and making.

The pic is one of the drawings done very very quickly in Inventory Drawing, taught by Peter Hristoff at SVA.  It was not actually done for this subject matter, but fits the bill in some ways.

In the midst of all these sands of time—have a good week!  

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