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Change for Women

March 3, 2013


Change for Women

Screams, I fear, can only be
counted upon
if clear help is
close by.

Change seems to me more of a
c-word–curved as a breast but coming
as cash,
contraceptives, clinics, condoms
children’s education, codification,
clitorises (uncut),
control – all
in our own closed fists–even, cautiously,
the clitorises.

Oh, how we will cheer.


I am posting the above – yes, it is an odd poem – for Susie Clevenger’s prompt on With Real Toads, called “We Scream Today.”  I think that the prompt focuses more on violence against women – clearly, a huge issue, but one I just couldn’t bear to focus on this weekend.   Also, frankly, in much of the world, women are powerless not only because of violence but because they have no true economic rights.   Programs that make loans to women, allow women to establish their own bank accounts, to have some separate economic life from their husbands, have proved very successful in helping children as well as women.   And, of course, I can’t think about women’s rights around the world without thinking of women’s rights to keep their bodies intact.  I have written on this issue (FGM) before.  

I thought of ending this poem with the line “Oh, how we will scream then,” in place of the current last line, but that seemed a little flippant.  If anyone has a different view, however, feel free to voice it. 

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