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Warning! (National Poetry Month Ahead)

March 31, 2015

It will likely take a group effort to get me through this year’s April National Poetry Month!


Once again, I am going to celebrate the art of poetry this April by trying to make my own little daily contributions to the field.

I appreciate that reading more poetry–or better yet, memorizing more poetry–might be a better form of celebration.

But I am more a creature of impulse than contemplation–a doer, in other words, rather than a thinker.  Not a doer, I’m afraid, of big or heroic deeds, but of little scratchy tick-tock efforts such as running a pen along a page or tappity-tapping a keyboard.

I am especially a doer when it comes to relatively arbitrary acts that involve a fair amount of repetitive self-torture.

Which just may come in handy over the next month.

Inspiration–Bah!   I actually rather like calisthenics, especially the kind that,with some odd jerks of the head, spasms of the wrist–might almost veer on dance– (albeit a rather clumsy dance!)

So… so…. I ask your indulgence!

Visuals (as in pics) may be poor.

Verbals (as in words) may be weird.

But (as is the hope with any alchemy), perhaps with enough tries, some magic will arise.

Or at least, some laughs.


PS – I am heartened to be part of the group at Real Toads this year, where there should be a prompt a day; a great help in times of brain ache.  I have an awful lot going on in my work and home life right now so really don’t think I could even contemplate writing a poem a day outside of a group effort.  I urge you to check out the site and wonderful poets there.