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Kerala Backwaters (From the Back–Hard–Seat)

April 14, 2013


My true post for today is the next one, which describes our trip from the backwaters of Kerala to the Western Ghats, but before moving on, I wanted to post some photos from the short trip we took in the backwaters in a man-punted dug-out boat. The area – on the border of the Alleppey District – really is very beautiful.

Granted, the dugout boat is also kind of hard on the backside, despite the small boards our boatman got us to lean against, and the coir (coconut fiber) mat that lay on the bottom of the boat. On the return trip, when the boatman got out of the boat and pushed the boat along the current while walking beside the canal, I sort of wanted to walk too–but Christina, my daughter, is much more gracious than I, and her feeling was that getting out of the boat and walking beside it might seem as if we weren’t fully enjoying the trip.

Needless to say, she won out.

Some pix below.

Just a process note – the women under the blue awning are peeling prawns (as a job). The red marker is of the local CPI (Communist Party of India) office. Kerala had the first Democratically elected Marxist government in the 50s, and it’s my understanding the party has been in and out of power at various times since.

Other pics include sad chickens (in a cage), happy ducks. Our boatman also stopped to show us how coir is braided – taking raw coconut fiber from a discarded husk and after shaking and cleaning by hand, rubbing it into a rough braid.

My daughter’s hat (inherited) has an ink stain in back.