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Just Might Be Too Small To Keep (Twitter Poems)

January 24, 2016

In my Head (Walking)

Minnows school the road shoulder
I see the bright fins at last
for what they are
seedpods sown
by the wind winnowing
this neck
of the woods


Aging Parent

Some of the gone
a gift-
her best friend’s grandson killed,
her immediate
drive over,
the question for years after
but what
could I do?



Twitter poems!  (Of softs.)  140 characters w/spaces (but not titles!  Yes, cheated.)  Tor Mama Zen’s twitter prompt, hosted by Kerry O’Connor, on Real Toads.  

A note re pic and seed pod poem.  I thought about this image months ago when the seed pods were considerably brighter.  I only took the picture today when they are rather dessicated, so the pic doesn’t give a true idea of what I am getting at here, I’m afraid.