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Not-Yet-Missed Flight

June 7, 2015

Me, with fellow flyers. Guess who’s who? (Ha!)

Not-Yet-Missed Flight

The knack of flying is throwing yourself at the ground and missing.”
Douglas Adams

I’ve long proved capable
of missing much–
deadlines, typos, you,
a last best chance,
the writing-on-the-wall dance–that diagram
of there
to somewhere
that didn’t look like here–

Yet, here
is where I am,
with only my feet (maybe)
scraping ground, my head increasingly shy
of six feet above–
Could be worse.


Another 55 for Kerry O’Connor’s prompt on Real Toads to write a 55 word poem, using a quote from “Brainy Quotes.” 

PS  – I think I was about 5’6″ and a half or so at max;  not sure now!  Pic is mine, all rights reserved.