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August 21, 2015

Photo by Douglas Salisbury


As I swam out one evening
breaststroking a mountain pond,
the green sigh of the water
was deeper than any sound

that I had heard that whole long day
and deeper yet again
than I had heard the rain-drummed night
before that day began.

The water did not whisper,
we did not talk at all–
but it returned each every stroke
along my short and tall.

It pressed against each wrinkle,
caressed both swell and crack,
swallowed me within its float–
oh how I loved it back.

And up against the apron
space wears when being sky,
a slivered moon shone like a chance,
I thought had passed me by.

I swam out one evening
after a so long day,
and where I came to shore again
is nought that I will say.

Here’s a very drafty poem for Susie Clevenger’s ( prompt on Real Toads based on the photography of Douglas Salisbury at Moments Captured Photography.