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You. Me. Her.

June 18, 2014


You. Me. Her.

In couple’s
we pretend to talk
of how you/me

As if we were
a couple–
As if she were unrelated
to this relationship.

She, who is so hip,
me, who is simply
hippy, hippier
(not to be confused with hippie, hippie-ier–
anything connected to
free spirits or
free love,
which right now means

At night, when we pretend to be silent,
she slips between us, pushing away
those simply-spread hips of mine,
those your-child-bearing hips,
something important rips–


A poem of sorts to link up to Mama Zen’s “Words Count” prompt on With Real Toads to write about something inspired by the rule of three, in 90 words or less. NOTE–not autobiographical or related to my current status in any way!