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A Sounding

June 4, 2016

IMG_2600A Sounding

Hello darkness, not my friend,
you’ve come to play with me again.
You don’t bother with soft creeping;
you just shake me like a doll sleeping
with eyelids pushed down and up at your command
beneath your hand.
Oh, darkness, you confound
my balance.

Hello darkness, not my friend,
somehow we’ll make it to the end.
You’ll keep pushing, but I’ll pull through.
My eyes will not be blanked by you,
nor will my sky be ground down
into dust, or if it must,
I’ll be its sister
I’ll be its sister


This is very much a draft poem a not 55 words but, nonetheless, I am positing it for Kerry O’Connor’s 55 word prompt on With Real Toads, which was also asked one to use the words of a sad song as an inspiration. Mine, The Sounds of Silence, by Paul Simon.  Pic is by me or a Buddhist painting in Ladakh, India.  All rights reserved.