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Sounds of Stillness (Summer begins in downtown NYC)

June 2, 2011


Full summer here now. I wake up to a kind of thick stillness in the air and somehow, clearly perceptible in that stillness and yet not really disturbing it, is the sound of a lawn mower.

It all seems absolutely, perfectly, summery.

And then, I think, lawn mower? You’re in New York City!

Okay, there are parks down here. There is even a little parkish-sort of area (with tress photographed above) just outside my window.

Still, probably not a lawn mower.

A weed whacker?

(I swear it’s not just a truck idling.)

And now (I’m listening harder), I suppose it could be some kind of construction somewhere. The WTC site a couple of blocks away is the obvious choice.

But I kind of hate to think that I am confusing the sounds of the upcoming Freedom Tower with a lawn mower.

So, let’s just say that full summer is here now; that I wake up to a warm, thick stillness in the air that somehow overbalances a bunch of city sounds in a way that seems completely unlike the see-saw of stillness/sound in Winter, Spring, Fall. (When, by the way, I usually have my bedroom window closed.)


Let’s just say that I wake up and it’s really warm out.


(Above is same photo/drawing “posterized” with Photogene app.)