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Onomatopoeia (For You)

June 8, 2014



Onomatopoeia (For You)

Words heard
as themselves,
words that sound out
what they mean–
I’m not speaking about just
(siss boom bah),
but, for example,  “bound,”
as in leaping bouncily,
or “bound” as in
tied ’round,
or “bound”–aimed
from lost to found,
or “bound”-as in you
clasped by me
and me
locked into

Or take, for another, “missive,”
as inside the envelope we make
of each other
(addressed to “dearest”, sealed
with a loving kiss),
or, for example, “missive,”
which when one of us must leave
is all we have, meaning,
like this poem,



A draft poem of sorts for my husband. (Pic also by me, taken in Washington, DC by C&O Canal, all rights reserved.)