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Red Lines (A Riddle Poem)

September 6, 2013


Red Lines

In nature,
they tend to zag–
gob, dribble,
snagging even flattened grass
as the animal still
flees, wounded.

Crest a bird’s
head, or rim
with worried crimson
its unsyncopated


Sometimes work
their iron will upon the ground,
ore masquerading
as mineralized sunset, blood.

Where man’s will is
for fresh blood.


Here’s a “riddle” poem with the answer in the title for Samuel Peralta’s dVerse Poets Pub Prompt. It also has exactly 55 words, minus the title, so please do tell it to the G-Man.

On the political point, I know the questions involved do pose a riddle.  I personally don’t think that they can be solved by bombing.

The above (blurry) photo is one I took of a ring-necked pheasant, which has a white line around its neck but red circles rimming its eyes.  They are among my favorite red lines.

PS – I am slated to host dVerse Poetics tomorrow so “remember” to save the date!