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Ode to Lined Paper

March 23, 2016


Ode to Lined Paper

Oh you blue guided,
oh you straight swayed,
oh you not-wide-dotted
as child’s work/play.

Oh you stretched
for the sinuous (that double-dutchness
of slant loop)–oh you thread
of my tale, you tail
of my thread,
you path
to be read,
you orderly gift to gab, you dignifier
of what sounds stupid solely said–

Oh you road through blinking
deserts, you remembrancer
of sky–


A very draftish poem, meaning just now written, for Real Toads Open Platform.  As one may infer from my little (recycled) drawing, this (like my previous poem, Ode to our Feet) is somewhat influenced by Pablo Neruda’s Ode to my Socks