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Hazards of Naming

April 20, 2015


11997 - Version 2

Hazards of Naming

There was always “Cerulean” waiting in the wings,
like a slice of sky not showing
through the clouds,
but smiling over that patch
of hillside a couple valleys away
whose grass looks always bright
when ours is grey.

Your sister (potentially) proffered “Poohboo,”
which we attributed to pre-
sibling rivalry.

“Yo” would be handy–
no introduction needed
on the street.

But Cerulean was the most serious contender,
which, I now admit,
may have scared you off,
you not wanting to be blue
your whole life, not even that pitch
of sea in sky, that ripple of sky
on water, that unshadowed shade that we imagine to surely wave
over that bit of hill whose shimmer
we bemoan, though we always say
we mean to hike over there someday, you know,
just to see.

Another draft poem for twentieth day April, 2015 National Poetry Month, not sure of the count, for Bjorn Rudberg’s prompt on With Real Toads to write about the meaning of our name.  I just couldn’t do that–sorry Bjorn–so hope this fits the bill–a middle name I thought of giving a son, if I had one, at one point in my life.  (Luckily for him and perhaps even more for me–I have two beloved daughters !)

Cerulean typically describes a small range of blues, rather than one single shade–though they all tend to a sky blue, sea blue; the above photo uses an ad from Winsor & Newton–no copyright infringement intended.