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After a Long Day and Funeral

April 17, 2016


After a Long Day and Funeral

I think today
of the leftovers
of the Last Supper.
The crusts–did someone have the wit to save
the bits, not
for future investment–to sit in some gilded coffer–
but like my mother saved the chocolate Easter egg
my grandmother was working on
at the time of her
last fall,
for love–

I think of all those little rolls of Leonardo,
oval as children’s drawings
of mice.

I think of my grandmother nibbling
(so nicely), the dishes done, my mother
making tea.

They would certainly
have finished the wine, circlets ringing the bottoms
of their glasses–Leonardo paints a brown wine–
it might preserve better
if I call it amber–

The tempera itself
hardly lasted, fading, flecking, a mold maybe
seeming to eat
the apostles–I think
of the mottled darkness below
the table–the robed legs, the possible

They broke off each night
one piece of chocolate shell–
that’s it, they said,
and then, when that was done,
they always, yes,
had a little bit more.

I think of what
we wish for.


Draft poem for my own prompt on Real Toads about remains.  I’m not sure what this one is–18? for this month.
The painting is Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, before it was restored.  The pic below is one I took at New York’s Met Museum.  I believe it is Greek (agh–I didn’t take notes of the origin.)