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In the Crawl Spaces, Bush and Shrub

April 2, 2015


In the Crawl Spaces, Bush and Shrub

The house that built her had no bricks to spare;
a bit of mortar all that could be rubbed
into use; a sore task with hands bare,
but doable with even just a stub
of spoon–the type of thing a prisoner might
secrete who’s not allowed sharp edges, prongs,
whose meat must be cut for her.  So, in the night,
when scrapes could pass as branches’ throaty songs
or the rusty wheeling of extincted stars
whose shining hasn’t caught up to their deaths,
she whittled grit and lime from the brick-lined bars
that fixed the grid; belly pressed to ground, her breasts,
hiding, to collect her daily ration
of crumble–there, by the roots, the foundation. 


Here’s my second poem (draft!) for April, 2015 National Poetry Month.  I’m pleased to say this is also the second poem I wrote this morning–the first one being one of those long narrative childhoody poems I seem to write all the time and that I’m worried you may be getting sick of!  (Despite that, I will probably use it one of the days this month.)

But I really did want to go further away from myself, so tried a sonnet.  Form, for me, is always a great way to get out of memoir.   Note that in my sonnets, a break should only be taken where actually punctuated–by a comma or dash or colon–line breaks are not intended as pauses.  (Yes, it’s a way of cheating with the form.) 

This one for Mama Zen’s cool prompt on with Real Toads to write about the house that built you.  

The picture above is Diana Barco, from our book “Going on Somewhere.”  The houses should have bushes in front!