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Going With The Icy Flow

December 31, 2010

Snowy and Not Very High Tech Cocoon

Back from a Northern outback, that is, a place that was very cold and had no true reliable internet access.

I am not really such an physically un-present person that I need, at all times, the cocoon of the virtual world.

But I am someone who does like to accomplish (sort of) what I start.   So once I tried posting  (and my apologies again for all the confusion), I tried for a while, even though catching enough “net” for transmission was like trying to carry a fistful of rain, to capture running water in a sieve.

But… but… but… when I finally went with the icy flow, gave in to the snowy non-electronic cocoon of the Northern here and now, all was just fine.

More than fine.


PS – I only tangentially participated in the construction of the above yet-unfinished igloo, i.e. I occasionally knocked some piece off when trying to help.

PPS – I did hand up a fair amount of snow to the more architecturally talented.