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Pair (In Need of Some Fix)

October 10, 2015


Pair (In Need of Some Fix)

They were a pair in disrepair,
all caring parlance pared by care
to a squeaking slog of “it’s not fair,”
a toe jam halting here to there–
parallel axes of despair
only intersecting where
mutually assured destruction
might liven up plain old dysfunction.

Each partner then a separate nation
whose jefe craved a daily ration
of intrigue, outrage, aggravation–
preferring the powed illumination
of blast and blow-up, the excitation
of ions, I-AMs, ‘you’ve got to be’s”
to the radiance that they might just see
in the sun-seek of their world in orbit,
in a disregard for gaud and store-bought–
in the stretch of flesh that like earth’s crust
cracks in rifts, shifts, drifts, and such
but for all its lava, all its freeze,
yet yields room for the birds and bees.


A rather silly little drafty and belated ditty for M’s  “Get Listed” prompt on With Real Toads.   All rights reserved on poem and elephants!