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somewhere I have rarely

February 17, 2016

 somewhere I have rarely

somewhere I have rarely
travels a two-lane road
there heaven’s leaven with clean white sheets
though time is crooked and bowed

the bedstead’s kind enough for pine
though the floor is scuffed with pacing
and oh we’re tired and–oh–sore
no matter what’s up-facing

still we try–we too–to find
sunlit in a forehead’s shine
a window to tint lidded eyes
so the mauve inside’s not grief

there oatmeal’s creamy without milk
our skins as smooth as laundered silk
(though hard as knead)
(though hard as need)
(though quite bare-kneed)
(though barred and kneed)

and the warmth that warms to wilt those sheets
where night and mauve and knees do meet
lulls merged lanes and lipreads smile
till time itself lies down a while


Draft poem for Real Toads Open Platform.  Heavily influenced (ha) by the reading of somewhere i have never traveled by E.E. Cummings posted by Kerry O’Connor at Real Toads. 

The pic is a water color of mine, recently painted.  It doesn’t go so well with the poem (and has no elephants or little dogs, which is rather new for me) but still–all rights reserved.