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June 2, 2015


A small bald girl pushed her head
between my arm and torso the way
a dog might,
her head as silken as a dog’s
only round as a globe,
and, of course, not furred; she whimpered,
wanting water,
and I asked a woman
who might be the ward nurse
or maybe even
her mother, why I could not give her any.
She gave me some dry reason with which I tried
to appease the girl, spouting stock about
tests, treatment, until the swim of her eyes lost themselves
in my side.  When I finally freed myself–for this
was a dream and I had things to do–
realizations to make in lost corridors
of no purse, no keys,
no money or ID–
I found that, while pinned to me, she had sucked
a twist of my shirt, the cloth wrung into
a crooked finger–

and I wondered, hurrying, half-
horrified, away, whether
she hadn’t lost more fluid than
she’d found–but was afraid
to even check the wizened cambric
for damp,
as if her sickness were something I
might catch, or,
her need–

All the rest of the day
the sheen of her scalp shone
in my head’s dim, and I wondered whether
my whole life would be different,
or would have been different
all along,
if I had somehow taken her
to water, let
her drink–dreams
being like that–

Another draft poem not written to a prompt.  I’ll link to Real Toads Open Platform.  Pic is mine (as well as poem!)  All rights reserved.