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Wearing Obama Heart On Sleeve

October 29, 2010

In the last few weeks, the news of the elections has been so dispiriting I resolved simply not to care any more.  My external groan was ‘what will be, will be,’ but internally, I felt too disappointed with the muddled message and mission of Democrats, and even President Obama, to feel very motivated to defend them.

A part of me told myself that at least I have no children in the school system, that maybe I’d enjoy buying stuff with tax cut dollars, and that, at least, I’d probably die before the planet was destroyed.

But watching President Obama’s interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart yesterday, reminded me of why I love, respect and support him.

The guy is smart, articulate, practical, honest, careful, thoughtful, realistic.

Yes, conditions in this country are terrible.  But people forget how much worse they were when he took office.

As Stewart emphasized, many voting for Obama feel that he has not brought promised change, but the fact is that we live in a very conservative country that has been going through a gut-wrenching crisis.  While a crisis may potentially bring opportunities for change, it raises an immediate panic that clings to the known.   (In the middle of a torrential rain storm, everyone wants the roof to be patched, few want it to be dismantled and replaced, and only the most calm and foresighted welcome a discussion of solar panels.)

A lot of persuasion is needed.

Which takes me to my point:  in our channel-changing, gotcha culture, aura often takes the place of substance.

Obama has substance.  But all the badmouthing, falsehoods, and difficult compromises have tarnished the glow that enveloped him at the time of the election.  This tarnish is difficult for Obama to dispel simply by being measured, intelligent and dignified.  (Especially while being dignified.)

Those on the more liberal side have contributed to this loss of aura by their contempt for the doable, fortifying the notion that ther eis no difference between parties and candidates.

Unfortunately, the adoption of this type of hopelessness is a gateway for a longterm series of abuses.  (See e.g. Berlusconi in Italy.)

So, how about some enthusiasm, people!?   Does anyone really want to play the role of angry Prom Queen whose suitor got the corsage but not the limo?

And, of course, vote!  Even if you are not thrilled by your choices, make one!

PS  – I want to send out best wishes to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for their rally.  I really wanted to go but alas my old dog Pearl is not allowed on Amtrak and is a little too frail right now to be left behind, even with a good friend.