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Danced Out

May 16, 2012


Exhaustion strikes, but in a good way.  This exhaustion comes from dancing with a nearly 90-year old woman (my mom)–I call it dancing, and I say it’s with her.  This is not accurate: -it was dancing a couple of feet behind with arms outstretched to catch her in case of a fall.

My mother grew up in a time and family in which people didn’t really touch.  Everything about them was northern; and the times were harsh.  As a result, touch is somewhat distracting to her, an imposition rather than support.  (It’s a bit of a tussle to take her arm even when crossing a busy street.)

And yet, there was dancing.  With.  Her.  Of a sort.  (One two three four, one two three four–she counts time aloud with quiet absorption as she moves.  I hate to say that I think the song was a waltz.)

A magnificent sort.

Music–it enlivens/energizes/lightens the body and soul.

(One two three four, one two three four, one two threeeeeeee.)


I am linking this post to Imperfect Prose, run by Emily Wieranga.  The dancing came about, in part, because I just got a speaker for my computer so that my visiting quite- deaf mother could actually hear some of the music on my iTunes.   She liked it a lot.