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Where From

April 25, 2016

Where From

There was a sloped curb,
concrete not stone,
that was my home.
Its lines were not blue
like the lines on a page,
but straight enough
in the warp of curb world.

It gathered in its grooves and on
its lap, the wilt of cherry blossom,
and, in fall, the slug
of leaf pelt.

It held the backs of my legs,
when lonely, and the slap
of bare feet, when charged,
and when it rained, a small barge
of blossom or leaf might float
in its shallow, lit by the light
that breaks through low-
slung clouds,
like that light that shines
from the planes of stained cheeks
or the angles of bangs
pushed back–  It was that
kind of place.


draft poem for some day in April, for the Real Toads prompt by the wonderful Susie Clevenger to write of where one comes from.  I’m probably late returning comments; will do so soon.  Pic is by Diana Barco from my book of poems, Going on Somewhere (though this a new poem written for the prompt.)