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The Flesh of Vowels (II)

September 16, 2015


The Flesh of Vowels

I lie along you, mouth full
of words, knock-knotted until
unlocked–your gift
to the stiff limbs
of K, the pulled back
of R, the cracked angles
of N, M, W–

You sound an opening
they fold around,
spread a filling
they sandwich, warmth
they coverlet;

soon, my beginnings shell
your skin;
my endings well about
the you within,
my own cover releasing creases, leasing
a promised perimeter.

You answer, I love you too.

It is sometimes rather a soppy
filling, almost, but not,
too sweet.

Another draft poem based on my own playing-around prompt the line “the flesh of vowels.”  The first rather silly one (written with this one) posted last week.  LInking it to Real Toads Open Platform.  The photo, such as it is, is mine. All rights reserved.