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Halloween’s Over- Candy Remains

November 1, 2009

Halloween’s over.  How to handle all the candy your kids have collected?


1.  Fight with them about it at least three times a day for the next couple of weeks.

2.  Steal some to recycle in Christmas stockings.

3.  Eat it yourself.  (Hey, you’re looking out for them.  Isn’t that what parents are for?)

4.  Carefully substitute small boxes of raisins for the more disgusting items.  No, wait—raisins are terrible for their teeth.  Chocolate’s better.   Chocolate?   You’re substituting chocolate?

5.  Actually, that’s not a bad idea.  If you’re going to eat their candy yourself, you’ll probably really enjoy that chocolate.

6.  Keep it from the dog.

And, while you are feeding your inner child, check out 1 Mississippi by Karin Gustafson on Amazon, or at link from ManicDDaily home page.

Roman Polanski – Swiss-U.S. Relations

September 27, 2009

I make no comment here on Roman Polanski’s crime, punishment, or long evasion of the U.S. judicial system.

I only wanted to note that the Swiss must be madder than ever at us (the U.S.) right now.  Not only have we wrought havoc on their bank secrecy laws, but now we are invading their Oscar (should I say “Oskar”) ceremony.

I’m guessing that it might be a good time to stock up on chocolate;  it may be very hard to get the good stuff soon.

(PS – I have to say I really don’t know what the Swiss attitude is to all this yet.  It really is a guess.  I also don’t mean to sound glib about Polanski’s original crime.)