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October 4, 2015


All that animated the bodies
were their cell phones,
feeble, if metered, febrillators,
vibrating pockets slouched
in cramp
or release,
sluiced or wadded
with the wrong reds–
the workers stiffly straightening limbs
onto gurneys.

Most simply trembled
with aspen desperation,
like the voice that was surely picked up
by the machines,
but some chimed, knelled, their gamelon toll
far too game
for the silence of boom, shatter, shout, shard,

No one present able
to answer for this.


A draft poem of sorts; I will probably link to Real Toads Open Platform.  I wrote it thinking of the recent mass shooting in Oregon; it was inspired by reading an article about the mass shooting at Virginia Tech.  There are too many in the U.S. at this point to sort them all out.   (Photo is mine–ice candle piece by my husband, Jason Martin. All rights reserved.) 

Now That I’ve Got Your Attention—

January 30, 2013

This post has nothing to do with the interplay (if any) between push-up bras and guns.

I just need to get something off my chest (which, believe me, does not look like that.)

If you, like me, favor stronger gun safety laws — universal background checks, limited magazines, control of certain types of armor-piercing ammunition (the kind of ammunition whose sale is opposed by virtually all police groups)–then, please, please, please, call your congressperson and senators and make your voice heard.

Nothing will happen on this issue unless non-NRA voices speak out.

Here’s a link that will help you find your representative:

Here’s another one for your senator:

(P.S. – to those of you who are against gun legislation – hey, call too, if you want.  I think your view is already amply represented, but I am urging civil dialogue between everyone here.  Getting your vote counted.)