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Two Weeks of Black Eye

November 12, 2011

Not really how it looks (and I made it small to be less gross!)

Today I finish my second week with a black eye.  (It resulted from my pointed indifference to Sir Isaac Newton.)

A black eye, if the eye itself is not injured, does not change how you physically look at the world, but it definitely changes the way the world looks at you.

Women, after a few thoughtful glances, give you their seats in the subway.

Men (sorry!) look at you quizzically.  They are sure something is wrong, but can’t seem to figure out exactly what it is.  (They can’t quite see around your eyeglass lens.)

Children stare at you with an intensity that (one would think) was reserved for burn victims.   Your sympathy for those with serious visible infirmities increases immeasurably under such stares.  Winking at the children does no good.

Your face in the mirror freaks you out.  Even more than usual.  It’s not just that you’re way older than expected, your eye also reminds you of a dog’s, i.e. spotted.

Friends from poor and rural cultures tell you, with sincere relief, how lucky you are that the eye itself was undamaged.  You feel suddenly silly to worry about whether the marks will go completely away.

In fact, after the purple deepens, it fades.

Apple of my Eye? (Apple IN my Eye?) Revenge of the Falling Fruit

October 30, 2011


I wake today with my first black eye ever.

My husband tells me it’s an opportunity for great story telling. I can alarm people with tales of “you should have seen the other guy” i.e. him.

The fact is that I was attacked by an apple. Maybe I should say “counter-attacked”–I was, at the time, prodding the tree with a stick. (Yes, there was also occasional whacking, but the word “throttling” is definitely not appropriate.)

Snow was coming. The tree was still laden. But the apples were too high to be picked on branches too high to be shaken. Hence, the stick, hence, the prodding, hence the face turned straight up to the potentially falling fruit.


One hit my eye socket with a force that would have shocked even Newton. The eye itself was covered by a lens which may have been good for the retina, less so for the upper and lower lids, which were–and here the word may be appropriate–throttled.


Oh, you, you apple of my eye–I think I’ll have you baked.

(P.S. This is my 1000th post on this blog. I’m not sure what that means exactly, other than that I seem to have had a fair amount of spare time on my hands over the last couple of years. Still, it does feel like a bit of a landmark, particularly in light of Nanowrimo -National Novel Writing Month- about to begin. Hmmm…..)