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“Brushes” Hybrids – Compensatory Unskill Levels – the Art of the iPhone

December 31, 2010

Here are a couple of the “paintings”I tried so unsucessfully to post over the last few days–more examples of iPhone “art”.

What is particularly interesting to an unskilled artist (i.e. me) is the way that one can use the technology of the iPhone and the “Brushes” painting app to compensate for various gaps in training, talent and circumstances.  Of course, becoming adept at the technology is itself a skill, but again, the application and equipment allow one latitude for circumvention.

One answer is a kind of “hybrid” art, which takes advantage of what you can do ( i.e. draw on paper or take a photograph) without pushing you too hard into what you can’t (i.e. make complicated figures on a 3.5 inch screen, or take out a full watercolor set in a crowded train car.)

My favorite hybrid method is to make a pencil drawing on paper, photograph it with the iPhone, transfer it to the “Brushes” app, and then embellish/paint in.

Here’s one I did on a train, from initial drawing to “final” Brushes version:

Bare Drawing

One (of a few) Brushes Versions

Another idea is to take an actual photograph, transfer it to the “brushes” app, and draw a little figure inside it.  (Yes, I know this is not such a new idea, but it felt revolutionary to me.)

Here was my first elephant in real landscape, an iPhone photograph of ice.

Elephant on Ice

This is kind of a fun technique as you can transfer the “brushes” drawing onto different surfaces, or, for example, different ice:

Elephant on Different Ice

The possibilities are endless.  (Now, if I could just draw something other than elephants….)