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December 28, 2010


Along the Hudson with iPhone

December 28, 2010

On a train by the Hudson today with ice and iPhone. And now without wireless in mountains. Who knows what will come out?

Snow (Pearl)

December 27, 2010


(More iPhone art.  Brrrr….ushes App.)


The King(?)’s Speech

December 26, 2010

The King(?)'s Speech

A lovely film.  (Not a dog and elephant show, but if you’ve seen it, you’ll understand.)


Three Dog Night Christmas

December 25, 2010

Give Three Dogs a Bone.

(More iPhone art, using “brushes” app.)

Merry Lame Duck Christmas?

December 24, 2010

Merry (Lame Duck) Christmas

More iPhone art, new techniques.  (You know, you can start with something called a “pencil”–works pretty well.)

I’m not sure the allegory is correct, as I started this just drawing elephant and donkey because I like drawing elephants and donkeys.  The implications were then pointed out to me, so added the duck.

Merry enough!

Developing An Apptitude (“Brushes”/Blog/Christmas)

December 23, 2010

I have to confess that this past couple of weeks I have had intermittent but very strong urges to halt this blog.  At least temporarily.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy both posting and the sense of community the blog sometimes gives.  (I obviously do.)

But there is the proverbial problem of choices.  Really, limits: minutes in the day, energy in the brain, will in the will.

The immediacy of a blog tends to crowd out longer-term projects;  these (mainly old novels) had been languishing even before I began this blog.  Now a year and a half later, they are calling for last rites.

Which leads me once again to….the iPhone!

The “Brushes” App.

Rather than simply stop the blog, I’ve been thinking that it might be nice to try going visual.  Post pictures, save up words.

I started drawing on the iPhone yesterday with the “Brushes” App.    After I learned how not to block out the entire drawing, I ran into problems with issues like big and little:

Big Tortoise, Little Dog

This morning, I learned how to get finer detail.   This led to such small detail, the picture seemed all background:

All backdrop?

Finally got it right this evening, while in the waiting area for Chinese take-out.

Duplicate Santas? (Or Skating Imposter?)

I still don’t know what I’ll do with the blog, but going “visual” sure seems fun.

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve!  (And thanks, as always, for stopping by.)